Edition 1
February 2022 

»A briefing on complexity, resilience, interdisciplinarity and ideas»  

SINTEZO is intended to be a more defined space for conversation; an attempt to curate a broad conversation that can be informative and evocative. A place where science and art become collaborating, informing forces. The starting point for SINTEZO was the realisation of the many barriers that exist between different disciplines, preventing them talking to each other about resilience. Each discipline has its own culture, own vocabulary, own codes of behaviour and so on. Each discipline has its own personality so to speak. Moreover, each discipline tends to self-talk, that is, a kind of talk that does not create new ideas or new solutions as much as it could. The repetitive nature of such conversations prevents the emergence of innovation that is an essential part of solving complex problems. 

SINTEZO is a conversation about complexity and how resilience can redescribe it so that we can make better lives, better communities, better workplaces. But most of all SINTEZO is an attempt to mobilise conversations that expand beyond a single dogma, single strategy and single way of understanding resilience. What happens afterwards is hopefully a renewed sense of confidence in the face of uncertainty.

Jelenko Dragisic and Caroline Austin
Editorial team
Feburary 2022